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Add a new dimension to your debriefing thanks to the add-on physio. It records your heart rate while flying.
You will be able to get a better understanding of your stress or mental load during your flights.
Compatible with the SAFETYN'Box Pionnier and Advanced

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    The add-on physio is an optical heart rate sensor. It embeds the Bluetooth Low Energy technology and works on all kind of skins

    This arm band is non intrusive. It can be worn at the wrist or the arm. It is very easy to use: once you have paired it with your box, you just need to switch it on every time you fly, it is connecting automatically to your Box. 

    It allows you to keep track in real time of your stress level while flying and to analyze it after the flight on the debriefing app.

    It is compatible with the SAFETYN'Box Pionnier and Advanced

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