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SAFETYN exclusivity: Rally Raid Tour 2021 coaching !

On the road of the pioneers in full safety

You are participating in a Rally or Raid this year or you are planning to do a personal Tour and you want to train and prepare yourself well to improve the safety of your flights and have a maximum of fun ?

Whether you take the controls alone or as part of a crew, SAFETYN offers you indispensable coaching sessions to take assessment of your current skills, to improve your ability to manage challenging and stressful situations, to ensure better reactivity and excellent communication. 

With SAFETYN, take the commands ! We prepare you for responsible, peaceful and safe flights.

         The individual coaching

You are a participant of a Rally or a Raid and you ask yourself many questions before taking off ?
You want to develop your risk management skills to ensure your safety ?
Vous souhaitez développer votre capacité à gérer les risques afin d'assurer votre sécurité ?

No hesitation !

SAFETYN offers you the possibility to train privately with a professional coach through videoconference.
We offer private, personalized sessions with our expert pilot coaches.
We will help you recognize your areas of improvement and assist you in preparing yourself individually and safely.

 A 45 minute session
🎧By videoconference
💶 49 €
💳Online payment
📅Online appointment

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              The crew coaching

Did you know that flying with a crew requires more preparation than individual ones ?
Crew flying requires good communication and a serious ability to work effectively with your team.

                                                       No need to panic !

Get coached by our expert pilots (instructors, ex-military, aerobatics...).
We will allow you, through personalized coaching sessions with our pilot coaches, to improve your communication and your ability to work in teams in order to prepare yourself and your team for a safe and serene flight.

 3 sessions of 45 minutes
🎧By videoconference
💶 147 €
💳Online payment
📅Online appointment

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SAFETYN proposes a multitude of personalized offers from the preparation to the debriefing of your Rally Raid!

Our offers

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Rally preparation: an individual coaching session

Individual coaching sessions with a professional coach via video conference and tailored to your computer, smartphone or tablet.  
45 minutes sessions for all pilots. 

   ⏳  45 minutes       
  💳 49


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Rally preparation: crew coaching sessions

Crew coaching sessions with our instructors (ex-military, aerobatics, etc.) who are all highly sensitive to human factors.Take stock of your piloting questions, identify your challenges and prepare for them!
   ⏳   3*45 minutes   
  💳 147
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An individual or crew debriefing session post Rally:  

Analyze your flight, visualize your progress and share your data with other pilots, instructors or coaches for a debriefing session. 


     ⏳   45 minutes   

   💳 49

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SAFETYN case studies

Did you know that by living a situation in simulation, your decision making is improved when you live it in real life?

Use our promotional code RAID21LAT (15 € instead of 19 €) and experience complete missions through our scenarios to prepare the Raid flights.

Available in e-learning, our "S'cases" will help you improve your briefing rigor and situational awareness.

Why choose SAFETYN?

With its experience in raids, rallies and air tours, our team offers you services to improve your safety and to better prepare and train your rallies and raids.

Customized offers

We offer you a range of personalized offers tailored to your needs and your pace.

A strong experience with Rally Raids and air tours

Partner and participant in the Toulouse Saint-Louis Rally (2018 & 2019) and the Raid Latécoère Aéropostale (2018 & 2019).

Expertise in safety and human factors

We are experts in the field of safety and human factors. We accompany our pilots on the ground as well as in the air to ensure that they are perfectly prepared and adaptable to the risks.