SAFETYN Coaching now available
SAFETYN'Coach, SAFETYN's coaching offer available as of January 2021
SAFETYN'Coach is a videoconference coaching service with high-flying pilots (Rafale pilots, instructors, aerobatic pilots, captains, ...)


Discover the coaching offered by professional pilots, partners of SAFETYN, for the benefit of general aviation pilots. 

We have worked hard over the last few months to build this offer with experts in both coaching and of course driving. We wanted to offer you an exclusive service of remote coaching by ultra-qualified pilots so that you can improve your skills with the best.

They are particularly sensitive to a factor that weighs heavily on flight safety: the human factor. The human factor, or rather human factors, because there are many of them, are at the heart of measures taken around the world by airlines and air forces alike to limit the risk of in-flight incidents and accidents.

BEA investigations, and those of other similar international organizations, have shown that human factors account for the vast majority of accident causes. This finding is not contradicted in general aviation, quite the contrary. This is why at SAFETYN we wanted to make available to all club pilots, glider pilots, microlight pilots, single-engine pilots, twin-engine pilots, etc., the techniques applied by the best professional pilots who have long since integrated methodologies specific to their profession.

This system complements our offer to support pilots in perfecting their skills in the service of their flight safety and risk management. It is implemented thanks to SAFETYN'Coaches, passionate aviators, partners of SAFETYN, with a wealth of rich and varied experience.

The system consists of both assessment tools to help you take stock of your skills in the field of human factors management and videoconferencing sessions, which are particularly suitable in these times of health crisis and easy to fit into an agenda. No travel, no time wasted going to a specific location. Your coach will meet you on your smartphone or your living room computer.

We have also designed a coaching path to help you progress step by step, at your own pace. You choose the tempo: single sessions or sessions integrated into a course. The best way to find out what suits you best is to discuss it with your coach.

Don't wait, make an appointment with our coaches right now at and follow us on our social networks so you don't miss the surprises we have in store for you!


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