Online pilot coaching sessions with a real instructor


The best pilots will accompany you to improve your flying skills. 

With SAFETYN'Coach, take advantage of assessment tools and personalized coaching to really progress.


develop your knowledge of human factors and yourself.


renew your knowledge and be guided in new practices.


discover a pedagogical complement and a rich experience feedback.

I recommend the coaching by SAFETYN to all pilots, especially those who foresee a professional career and those who have experienced stressful flying situations.

Jeanne Dessaint, French aerobatic champion in N2 category in 2020 shares her coaching experience with Philippe Bernaudin, former fighter pilot, instructor trainer, FH and CRM expert.
Your coaching course

It may or may not be accompanied by our Level 1 or Level 2 Assessments depending on your wishes and our recommendations after an initial coaching session. 


This course adapts to your rhythm, from a single coaching session to a weekly session according to your choice and your objectives.  


It may or may not be accompanied by our Level 1 or Level 2 Assessments depending on your wishes and our recommendations after an initial coaching session.


During a first session we will analyze your level of competence and your progression objectives in order to offer you a tailor-made methodology based on your strengths and weaknesses.

The best pilots to coach you

Our offers

Level 1 assessment: risk management


Complete your self-assessment of your risk profile in 15 minutes and receive your complete results by email. Then continue by making an appointment with a coach.


Individual coaching sessions

From 49 to 99€ / session

With a professional coach by videoconference. Sessions of 45 minutes, from 49 to 99 € depending on the coach's wingspan: sparrowhawk, eagle falcon, for all pilots.

Level 2 evaluation and debriefing


Carry out a complete evaluation of your pilot personality (45 min), with a professional tool, then debrief during a specific session with an authorized coach (45 min).


Make your first evaluation free of charge.

Sessions de coaching

Individual and customized coaching sessions from your computer, smartphone or tablet.

Select a coach or let us assign one to you and then select the niche that suits you in the proposed agenda. Fill in your details and pay online with your credit card. It's as simple as that. 

At the time of the appointment, connect to our video conferencing platform using the instructions received by email and start your coaching experience with one of our experienced and passionate pilots. You will be surprised by the progress you will make in the control of your flights and their safety.

MAKE AN APPOINTEMENT  (Money-back guarantee)
Evaluation niveau 1 : gestion du risque

The First Level Assessment is FREE OF CHARGE and allows you to carry out a first targeted analysis of your situational risk awareness.

After having answered in ten minutes the questions of the PIRA©, a specific tool developed by SAFETYN, you instantly receive an individual report which gives you specific analysis and prospective elements regarding your situational awareness of risk, in relation to your flight experience and practice.

You can then, at your request, benefit from a personalized debriefing with a SAFETYN Coach, a piloting professional specifically trained in risk anticipation and management.

Our PIRA© methodology has been designed by a pole of high-level expert pilots and instructors in partnership with coaching professionals.

Evaluation niveau 2 et debriefing

 The Second Level Assessment, offered at the price of 199 €, allows you to analyze in depth your relationship to risk and to debrief with a coach, to provide you with concrete elements of support to anticipate risk situations and improve your reactions.

The SAFETYN Asssessment Level 2 consists of a 45-minute assessment followed by a 45-minute debriefing session with a SAFETYN'Coach, a piloting professional specifically trained in risk anticipation and management, whom you choose.

Carry out two specific questionnaires developed by SAFETYN (the SAFI© and the SAFSA©), whose answers are analyzed and synthesized in a personalized report that will be shared and commented during the debiefing session. You will notably deepen your disposition and mental aptitude for piloting, private or professional, as well as your reactions in piloting situations in front of known or new risks.

Debrief and then agree on a specific and personal program with your SAFETYN'Coach, according to your skills and objectives.

Our SAFI© and SAFSA© methodology has been designed by a pole of very high level expert pilots and instructors, among the best pilots in France, in partnership with coaching professionals.

"SAFETYN'Coach is a pedagogical gas pedal and provides support in the construction of operational solutions to promote good practices and prevent threats to any piloting activity, particularly in the learning phases. Focused on human factors, the SAFETYN'Coach approach allows the pilot to broaden his perception of his environment and put new behaviors into action. With SAFETYN'Coach, the pilot becomes the strongest link in flight safety".

Etienne Bauer,
Pilot of Rafale Marine, former Commander of Flotilla 12F, Chief of Operations and Air Safety Officer at Landivisiau base, Managing Director of SAFETYN'Coach.
SAFETYN coaches

SAFETYN'Coaches are passionate aviators with a wealth of experience. They are at your disposal to evaluate your needs, determine a course and accompany you in order to reach your objectives.

In order to best meet your expectations you can choose between different calibers of SAFETYN'Coach

The Hawks

The SAFETYN'Coaches Hawks are designed for all general aviation pilots to support them in their daily practice as well as in the development of new skills. The SAFETYN'Coaches will debrief your Level 1 Assessment. 

Bertrand Marbach

Instructeur et examinateur. Pilotes amoureux des voyages lointains et raids en avions légers.  

Christine Seurin

Aircraft Instructor Pilot since 2008. 

Passionate about aerobatics and patrol flying.

Benoît Buffiere

Test pilot. Youngest flight presenter at Le Bourget 2013. 

Aerobatic instructor, winner of the French Open Voltige 2018. Chief pilot at Top Gun Voltige.    
Alexandre Mahé

Pilote et instructeur, formé aux derniers standards.

The Falcons

The SAFETYN'Coaches Falcons accompany experienced pilots or those who are undertaking professionalization and instructors who wish to deepen their knowledge in terms of human factors and thus make their pedagogy evolve. SAFETYN'Coaches will debrief your Level 1 and 2 Assessments.

Etienne Bauer

Pilot of Rafale Marine of the French Naval Aviation, former commander of Flotilla 12F.

Chief of Operations and Air Safety Officer of the Landivisiau base.

Timoté Dufour

Former professional flight school instructor, qualified airline pilot on 787. 

Responsible officer and chief pilot of the Fly Academy flying school.

Aymeric de Valence

Former fighter pilot in naval aviation, airline pilot, air demonstration pilot. 

Chief pilot and leader of the Sparflex patrol.

Jean Michel Laporte

Former naval aviation pilot, CDB airline pilot instructor for 22 years and pedagogical manager. Flight presenter of the MS 760 "Paris". Safety Manager Brittany within the FFA. 

The Eagles

The SAFETYN'Coachs Eagles accompany all the pilots and can also help the person in charge of a structure (flying club, flying school...) to develop and implement new strategies. SAFETYN'coaches will debrief your Level 1 and 2 Assessments.

Marc Croizer

Creator of the Risk Management Office of the French Air Force Staff.

Expert in strategy and risk management.

Philippe Bernaudin

Former fighter pilot,
Instructor trainer,
FH and CRM expert

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