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          Keep your Box up to date

          Enjoy of the latest updates and newest features of your SAFETYN'Box.

          Download the latest update
          Current version V0.11.7
          - Higher stability of video recording
          - Bug fixing on the launch of the automatic recording
          - Better G-meter filtering
          Tutorials and user manuals 

          Get to know more about your SAFETYN'Box and how to make the most of it

          SAFETYN'Box How To Videos


          Frequently Asked Questions

          If you do not find suitable answers, please do not hesitate to contact us using the tchat or contact page

          The Box detects by itself take off, landing, high load factors. It sets S'Flag for each event. Some S'Flag may also be put when an alarm is triggered (hypoxia, carbon monoxide...)

          The Box can record for 2 hours with a fully charged pilot module. You can extend this autonomy with the following settings :

          - Turn off WiFi and Bluetooth 

          - Using the Screen auto-off setting: the screen while turn itself automatically after a 30 seconds. The screen is switched on if an alarm is triggered, the pilot touch the screen or set an S'Flag.

          - Turn off one or both cameras

          - Plug in the pilot module on the cigarette-lighter of the aircraft or external battery.

          The SAFETYN'Box is made to be fit on the top of the instrument panel. We strongly recommand to check during the installation that the Box does not alter compas measurement.
          Without removing the protecting tape, place the Box where you think it fits the best. Check the compas deviation. If the compas deviate, place the Box further of the compas until the deviation disappear.  Most of the time, 10 centimeters are enough. Once you have defined the good place, take off the protective tape and set the box into place.
          It is best to let the box in place for 72h before removing the Box for the first time.

          The tape given with the Box is made to be used in low and high temperature environment (-40°C - +80°C). It is designed to meet CS-STAN 105 specifications extended for acrobatics, regarding installation of portable non-certified equipment.

          The Box was tested to operate in temperature between -40°C and 70°C. It can be stored between -55°C and +85°C. It is designed to meet altitude and temperature requirements of the RTCA DO160-G for B2 aircrafts (non-pressurized, non-controlled aircraft evolving at at maximal altitude of 25000ft).

          Exposed to direct sun, the Box may heat a lot. It may goes to temperature up to 55°C (that can cause a burning sensation if taken with bare hand). This heating is not dangerous because the Box is made to operate from -40°C to +70°C. The pilot module contains a battery pack protected specifically against overheating and tested according to UN38.3 norm. 
          Nevertheless we recommand to take care when manipulating the box and to shut it down if it gets to hot.

          This behaviour reveals a discharged pilot module

          - Put your pilot module to charge  

          - Use an other pilot module  

          - Plug in you pilot module on the cigarette-lighter of the aircraft

          Make sure you are using a SAFETYN'Key provided by SAFETYN or an autorized distributor. Pull out your SAFETYN'Key and plug it in back.
          If the message still appears, plug your SAFETYN'Key on one of the 3 add-on ports.
          If the problem does not diseappear, contact the support.

          The SAFETYN'Box does not accept standard USB Key.

          Upgrades are available on this page. The upgrade here is the latest.
          Download the .upd file
          Put in on your SAFETYN'Key in the update folder.
          Plug your SAFETYN'Key on your Box, select an aircraft and click on Fly.
          Go to the Menu then Info.
          Hit the Update button and follow the instructions.

          The pilot module is fully charged when the green led on a charging module pilot is switched off.
          You can check the pilot module when you plug it into the SAFETYN'Box looking on the battery shaped indicator in the top right of the screen.
          In case of low battery, an orange warning appears at the bottom of the screen.



          The app that help you make the most of all your flight through enhanced Debrief

          Debrief Express

          The software for systematic, secure and instantaneous debriefing, as soon as you leave the plane and even with a limited internet connection.

            Download for Windows
          Minimal configuration for Windows :
          Windows 8 ou 10, 64 bits
          Intel pentium 4 x64 or higher (SSE2 compatible), 512MB RAM

            Download IOS
          Minimal configuration for Mac :
          macOS 10.10 (Yosemite) 64 bits
          Intel processor, 512MB de RAM

          SAFETYN'Debrief Videos


          SAFETYN'Debrief Express

          SAFETYN intègre le FabLab
          Tutoriel création de compte


          FAQ on SAFETYN'Debrief

          If you do not find suitable answers, please do not hesitate to contact us using the tchat or contact page

          You created an account when you made your first purchase on safetyn.com, these are the same identifiers to access the entire SAFETYN universe. It is also possible to create an account directly in the SAFETYN Debrief, SAFETYN Debrief Express and safetyn-debrief application by clicking on CREATE MY ACCOUNT.

          Click on "forgot password" under the Fly button and follow the procedure.

          We calculate the distance between the real touch point and the theoretical touch point.  The greater this distance is greater the more the pilot posed far from the theoretical point of touchdown.  The regulation defines for runways longer than 1500m a theoretical touchdown point (called target point mark) which is the place where the wheels are supposed to touch.  This point is located 150m from the threshold for runways less than 1500m long, 300m from the threshold for runways less than 2400m, 400m for longer runways.

          SAFETYN Debrief Express is available for download for MAC or Windows on the Debrief'Express page.

          The links allow you to download the installer. You must then follow the installer's instructions to complete the installation.

          The demonstration video on the Debrief'Express page explains how to select a flight.


          Simulator Plugin

          Take full advantage of case studies with simulations offered on X-Plane 11 and FS 2020

           SAFETYN'Cases Videos


          Présentation des SAFETYN'Cases

          Table ronde sur les facteurs humains
          Tutoriel création de compte


          FAQ on SAFETYN'Cases

          If you do not find suitable answers, please do not hesitate to contact us using the tchat or contact page

          You can install it without taking into account the virus alert, the software is safe (it is being checked by Windows, the process is quite long), the following tutorial explains how to proceed in this case.

          We invite you to upgrade to version 11 of X-Plane, version for which the SCase plugins have been developed.

          The plug-ins we have developed are compatible with X-Plane 11 and FS2020 but not their previous versions. So with your current configuration you will be able to benefit from the mission preparation tools and full debriefing, but not from the simulation.

          Contact SAFETYN team

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