SAFETYN'Academy: 4 services to train all aviation pilots



4 services to accompany all pilots in their progress, both on the ground and in the air.

A support system for pilots with 4 complementary services
for the improvement and safety in flight. 

The SAFETYN'Academy is made up of digital content that we have developed with highly qualified professional pilots and simulation equipment that we have selected.


Simulation tools & VR

Would you like to progress from home in addition to your flights?

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Study cases

Would you like to work on your human factor?

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Debrief Application

Would you like to check in and debrief all your real and virtual flights?

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Coaching course

Do you want a progression accompanied by the best drivers?

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A complete equipment in materials

according to your expectations and your budget

Personalized advice

to choose the best materials

Simulation software

for an immersive experience

A real progression

with an online debriefing by a coach

Would you like to progress from home or in a club?
Switch to simulation

We have identified and tested numerous pieces of equipment that allow a pilot, whether a beginner or an experienced pilot, or an instructor, to simulate an experience close to a flight.

Depending on whether it's on-screen or virtual reality (VR) simulation equipment with a helmet, your senses will be impacted differently. In virtual reality in particular, the immersive flight experience will have an impact on your senses that is extremely close to real flight.

The equipment we sell has been selected by us for its ability to contribute to the development of pilots. 

Immersive cases

based on real BEA cases

Pdf documents & videos

to prepare the scenario

An X-Plane and/or FlightSimulator 2020 simulation

for each case study via a plugin

A complete debriefing

with the explanations of the case and the possibility to contact a coach for further information.

Would you like to work on your human factor?
Discover the SAFETYN'Case

We have designed practical cases, based on real BEA cases, each including a flight scenario, documentation, a training plugin on X-Plane and FlightSimulator 2020, a debriefing tool and finally an optional support by a coach.

Register your flights

on your application

Control your data

you can share them

Debrief yourself

visualization of your parameters 

Relive your flight

with an instructor if you wish

Would you like to check in and debrief all your flights?
Download the SAFETYN'Debrief application

The SAFETYN'Debrief application is available for free on Apple's AppStore, Google Play and for PC (Mac and Windows). A simplified web version, "Debrief Express" is also available. We have designed these applications so that you can save your flight settings, debrief yourself and share your flight data with your instructor or others of your choice.

A 1st free online evaluation

get your risk profile

Coaching sessions

with the best drivers via video-conference

A complete online evaluation

your strengths and weaknesses as a pilot

A methodology

designed by highly qualified coaches and pilots

Would you like to progress with the best drivers?
Start the SAFETYN'Coach course

We provide you with qualified coaches who will be able to accompany you by videoconference, in a single session or during a trip at your own pace, to advise you, debrief your real or virtual flights (on simulation equipment) and increase your skills, particularly in the area of environmental perception and identification of risk behaviors. Our coaching sessions will give you the benefit of numerous feedback from very experienced pilots (airline pilots, fighter pilots, test pilots, aerobatics, etc.).

All the tools for your progression, thought by the best pilots, at the service of general aviation.